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Generosity has always been central to the way of life Jesus desires for his followers. While generosity involves sharing our time with others, and offering our talents for the good of others, it also involves our financial resources. Ministry, like just about everything else, requires money. Like many of you, I regularly make financial donations to help support Christ’s ministry through Living Waters UMC.

Nov 5th: In this sermon series, we’ll look first at the issue of financial anxiety, which can keep us from acting on our values. Most of us have some level of financial anxiety, and we probably handle it differently. Some of us are inclined to hoard, and some are inclined to “spend it while you got it.” In this message, we’ll look at anxiety from several perspectives, incorporating science, psychology, and the teachings of Jesus.

Nov 12th: We’ll then look at what the Bible teaches (and doesn’t teach) about tithing and giving. We’ll explore how the Old Testament teachings on tithing are actually very different than what many people assume, and we’ll also look at the issue of how these teachings should impact how we as Christians understand our role in supporting God’s work through the church.

Nov 19th: One of the images that the apostle Paul uses to describe the Christian life is that of a “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1). What does it mean to offer up all that we are and all that we have to God? What role does financial generosity play in that seeking to live that way?

We’ll explore those questions and others, and this Sunday will also be our “Commitment Sunday,” where we ask members and active participants in the church to make a pledge of giving for the coming year. We believe this helps us as individuals to be more faithful in our giving, as well as helping the church leadership plan for the coming year. Pledge cards will be provided in worship, and you will be invited to bring them to the altar as an act of worship.


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