Does God only forgive us if we forgive others? Is forgiveness always the right response? Doesn’t forgiving people let them off too easy? If I do want to forgive, how do I do it? What if they don’t acknowledge a need for forgiveness, what then? What exactly does it even mean to “forgive” someone?

Forgiveness is central to the way of life that Jesus lived and taught, but it is hard to understand and can be very hard to actually practice. In this series of messages, we’ll ask these tough questions together and seek to deepen our understanding and strengthen our practice of forgiveness. At the weekly Wednesday evening discussions, we will go deeper into the content of the previous Sunday’s sermon and talk through personal applications, struggles, and experiences.

Sundays, April 23rd – May 7th, 10:00am

Wednesdays, April 26th – May 10th, 7:00pm 

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