Life Everlasting: Sermon and Study Series


PrintThis four-week sermon series (Jan 22- Feb 12) will focus on questions related to the Christian hope of life beyond the grave. Some of the questions to be explored are:

  • What does the Bible teach about life beyond death? Is that the focus of the Bible?
  • What about non-Christians? Where do they go?
  • Did Jesus really teach there is an eternal hell?
  • Is it possible for all people to be saved?
  • What about God’s judgment? How does that square with God’s love?

The study series that will accompany the sermons will be on Wednesdays, Jan 25th – Feb 15th, 7:00-8:00pm, in the sanctuary. At the study we will recap the material from the previous Sunday, explore it in more detail, and take time to share our questions and thoughts. This series will be based on Pastor Heath’s book Flames of Love: Hell and Universal Salvation.

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